Monday, October 30, 2017

Miscellaneous Musings No. 10 - Happy Thanksmas

Happy Thanksmas, everyone. Yes, we live in an era where anything and everything goes, and holidays are no exception. We are currently celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas - just choose your category.

Halloween is not my favorite holiday, but I can't fathom pulling out the Christmas decor just yet. What you see below is the extent of my Halloween decor this year, and I've already sold the ghosts. The little witchy woman is only 3" tall, so she's barely even visible. The rest is just fall decor that happens to blend.
My neighbors along our walk path, on the other hand, seem to love Halloween, and have some friendly competition going as to who can be most creative. I personally favor the picnic. They actually have some real food out - the crackers and orange. I am totally surprised the squirrels or other animals haven't gotten into them.
Thanksgiving. This is a preview of my playing with dishes before taking the turkey platter into the antique mall for a vignette there.
Christmas. On October 24th, this is what I encountered at our Town Center Mall - the makings of the Christmas decor. Those are some big balls! The gal in Macy's told me they'd had their trees up in the store for three weeks already on this date.
Just like the holidays, the same seems to be true for the weather - confusing. I posted this (below) on Facebook on October 24th, just shortly after returning from the mall. The weather had an alert for graupel, which I had never heard of until then.
Apparently, I wasn't the the only one who'd never heard the word graupel. "Soft hail". In our neck of the woods, we call it slush. However, it sounded like hail when it came down. It basically was the ushering in of fall on the weather front. After another yoyo week of weather, ranging from summer temps to cold rain and even snow flurries last night, today we have a beautiful, colorful fall day.
Speaking of weather, remember that nun from Hurricane Irma I wrote about in the last musing? Well, guess what? She now has an IPA (India Pale Ale) created in her honor - Nun with a Chainsaw. How original.
Another crazy, mixed up thing this time of year is sports - you can watch major league football, basketball, baseball - any or all, not to mention college sports and your weekend kids' and grandkids' games of soccer, volleyball, etc. It's crazy!

And, then there's TV programming. I somewhat limit my viewing time to just a handful of shows, but Hallmark wants to make sure I take time for their 21 all-new Christmas movies, let alone those previously aired. My favorite new fall program is The Good Doctor, by far. When Mr. P. saw the rug on the floor in the doc's bedroom, he said, "hey, your purse ladies (the Traveling Tote Tribe) would like that, wouldn't they?" Yes, I think so.
Freddie Highmore plays the Good Doctor - Dr. Shaun Murphy - with impeccable realism, and I really look forward to the show each week. He definitely studies his character's idiosyncrasies associated with his spectrum of autism to portray it authentically.

We all probably tend to have some idiosyncrasies we display in our daily lives. One of mine is organization. The picture below is how I ready my condiments for a hotdog/french fry combo I get at one of our local lunch places. Mr. P. said, "Take a picture. People won't believe how you line them up [and open the edge of each before food is served]". I keep the mustard turned the other way to differentiate its packaging because Mr. P. doesn't like mustard. This way, when our food comes, I'm ready, and the food doesn't get cold waiting on me to open those tiny little packages!
If I were dressing up for Halloween, I think I'd be a shindig dancer this year. While most women of a certain age (mine!) loved Bobby Sherman growing up, it was the dancers behind him and the other music performers that I loved.
Oh, and those go go boots they sported? Oh yea, baby, I had some of those in 1967. I remember wearing those with red stretch pants, and playing Twister (without the boots, of course).
{Sigh}...on second thought, I think I'll just pass out the candy. Or not.
Maybe I'll just turn out the lights and save the candy for Mr. P. and me, and be a bad little witchy woman.
Ta ta for now.....oh, speaking of which, have you had your mammogram?? Better do it!

Rita C. at Panoply
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