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Miscellaneous Musings No. 9

Number 9, number 9, number 9......time for another one of my random thought streams, sometimes thought-provoking, sometimes silly, but always intended as light and fun. I call these Miscellaneous Musings, and this one is No. 9. Fear not, none of my links are directed toward revenue-generating sources. I am a non-revenue blog. I just link for the fun of it. Hopefully, your fun, too.
Every time I speak or hear the number "9" spoken, that [portion of ] track from their White Album is what always comes to my mind. Here's a weird thing....I started drafting this post on October 9, which happens to be John Lennon's birthday (1940), and when looking for the track above, I found out the number 9 bore great significance to John throughout his life. You can read about that here.

Grandparents day was September 10. I have granddogs. Meet the crew: Sebastian (Welsh terrier), Edie (beagle) and Audra. Audra is a Muttaineer, just adopted about a month ago. The bottom right photo captures both Edie's and Audra's spirit perfectly the day she (Audra) was adopted. Edie is a Grandma (they think around 13), but has perked up with Audra. Audra is going to be a big girl - they think she's a Lab/Shepherd mix. Edie and Sebastian were both adopted, too. Sebastian is a wild man (he's 5), and he wants to be a WV Mountaineer when he grows up.
Here's a photo of my last dog. Her name was Coco, a chocolate poodle. Just kidding. My oldest bought this for me at FestivALL this past June, from J. Bird Cremeans' Antique Pet PhotosFestivALL Fall will be coming up October 20-22, here in our capital city. I hope to take in some of the events.
J. Bird Cremeans Antique Pet Photos
Speaking of our capital city, if you subscribe to Southern Living, we were featured in the travel section in the October 2017 issue, The Other Charleston. :) It was a good synopsis.
SL October 2017: The Other Charleston
For Pete's sake (and that better not be the P name), when are the hurricanes going to give up and go away?? Harvey, Irma, Jose, Katia, Lee, Maria,'s time to go! A little levity through the worst of it.......
Gainesville police pose for selfie, causing heat wave during Irma (and if, for some reason, you can't see the picture, it may be because the photo was later taken down due to the middle cop's past remarks on his personal FB page).
Gainesville Police
Nun clears trees after Irma. I think we had a few of these nuns through our years of Catholic upbringing. This is how they kept order in the classroom, too. I think it later became the basis of a movie -  the Chainsaw MASSacre.
Nun Clearing Debris
And then there was this cool find which a guy found on the beach after the Irma storm. This is the stuff junkers dream of! Hurricane Irma treasure in FL canoe by Randy Shots
Treasure from Irma
Okay, this wasn't hurricane-related, but I bet the staff of Naples Waterside Shops were out in full force after the hurricanes, especially Irma. Believe it or not, a couple of times I have shopped there I have seen staff vacuuming and wet-vacuuming the floors of this outdoor mall's floors. Talk about upscale shopping! That's upscale cleaning!
Naples, FL: Waterside Shops
You won't catch me cleaning like that, but I do tend to go at it fast and furiously when I do. But then I need to rest and recover for a day or so afterward. I can't get it all done in a day, and if ever there will be an incentive for me to downsize, it will be related to housecleaning. Laundry? I don't mind.

Speaking of laundry....(btw, that's a picture of my crochet potholder collection, with all my autumn colors brought to the surface of the ironstone wash basin. I'll later pull all my red & whites up from the bottom of the bowl for Christmas). I digress, but I keep those on top of my dryer in my laundry room. Stay with me a minute.
Crochet potholder collection
My new towels purchased after our bath renovation had so much fluff they made my dryer's heating element go out after one too many clogged vent trap - outside. Yes, you read that right. I remove lint from my interior filter after each cycle, but the vent trap outside was getting clogged up (it has one of those pest guards that keep squirrels and mice from crawling up inside to get warm...or burnt. I'd check and clear it when the dryer took longer than usual to dry). Our machine is almost 20 years old (Kenmore). I had it repaired. Even though it was a little pricey, the service was excellent (24 hrs). Plus, it gave me the opportunity to clean out more lint inside the machine. Cheers to another 20 years - yea, right.

I know I told you all about my Panoply sisters' weekend of shopping back in September. What I didn't tell you was that we were being watched in one place for hours.....and we didn't even figure it out until we checked out and our "secret shopper" left as we did. Lol, I bet we wore her butt out because we were there all day, no lie.

She should've been watching this guy pictured below. When we commented we liked his purchase, he deadpanned, "I've been looking for a good woman". I bet you have. I bet you have.
"I've been looking for a good woman."
Remember the concrete planters I got from my neighbor in September? Well, there was some fungus among us in the pickup. Technically, moss is NOT a fungus, but it's what I got on one of the planters. I've been misting it....not sure if it'll preserve or not. Anybody know?
Fungus among us
While some of you may think I am a complete hoarder, I like to think I'm not. As a matter of fact, when I got a text from a collector friend saying she had bought my Fire King jadeite tulip salt & pepper and grease jar from our booth last month, I told her I had a lot more kitchenware. I texted her the photo of part of  my jadeite collection (below), as shared in a post of mine a couple years ago. When she asked if I was interested in selling and I replied yes, her text response was this:  "I think I'm going to have a jadegasm." :D She bought all but the nested mixing bowls, batter pitcher and fridge bowls, plus a few more odds and ends I had. Happy seller, happy buyer.
Kitchenware collection
I went to my dermatologist for an annual checkup a week or so ago. He asked if I was using a cream he prescribed for melting freckles (age spots). I said no, insurance wouldn't pay a dime toward the $200 cost of the tube. So he told me to use Differin gel, an OTC thing. For those of you with grown kids, do you remember this was a prescription for young adults with acne? And now it's being used for age spots. Go figure. Once a [wo]man, twice a child, as they say.
Speaking of doctors, I don't want to totally gross you out (maybe just a little, yes). Remember the guy with the tick in his ear? See exhibit, below. These two pieces fell out of none other than Mr. P.'s ear! On two separate days, 10-4 and 10-9, with a family doctor visit in between on 10-6, saying there was no concern! Copy that, 10-4? He is diligent with Q-tips after showering, and said his ear was sort of itching. If you recall, I mentioned in a prior garden post he's been pulling weeds for me almost daily throughout this season. After a followup conversation with our family doc, he saw an ENT specialist on 10-10, who said it was clear, no antibiotics. Hopefully this is the end of this story.
Sherwin Williams just announced their color of the year for 2018, Oceanside.
Lol, I just got rid of a quart of that stuff - or something very close to it - that somehow was brought to my house from one of my oldest's first paint jobs in her first house. She used an oil-based paint for an accent wall. Below is a photo of that wall just before they were putting the house on the market. It took several coats to cover that old turquoise-y color. It also took a lot of ZEP spill absorber to dry up what was left so I could throw it away (ReStore won't take oil-based or flammable liquids of any kind).
2004 Version of Oceanside
I saw this truck with its signage not too long ago. I liked it, and was wondering if the driver did, too. Would you, if you were the truck driver?
Crete Truck Signage
I saw these four standing the other day in front of my neighbor's house. Standing for the flag. If they can do it, apparently it's not that hard.
Taking a stand
October 10 was National Handbag Day!! Can I get an AMEN?! If you aren't aware of my love of vintage and antique purses, just click on my sidebar "Panoply of Purses" and you'll see some of what's in my collection. Or, you can view better detail in this post. Typing "vintage purses" in my search box calls up a few more related posts. Or you can just see the sample collage below.
Collage of Panoply Vintage & Antique Purses
That's it for another edition of Miscellaneous Musings, No. 9 (number 9, number 9, number 9......).

Leave all the comments you'd like. I try to answer them all. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate ya!

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