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Trippin', Pickin': September Vintage Finds

Putting a pause on anything else that could possibly get in our way, my Panoply sisters and I just got back from a buying trip in mid-September. We finally got to scratch the vintage shopping itch we'd all been having over the past several months. Sometimes life events just seem to get in the way of having fun. Can I get an amen from the choir of pickers, whether you're armchair, virtual or real?
Mid-September Vintage Picks
Local sister, M, and I ventured over to J's home in Ohio, where the shopping options are greater than those closer to home base. Besides, J's husband likes cooking for us when we come, and we love for him to cook!

We loaded up the car, packed a couple bottles of wine as hostess gifts, and off we went to get our exercise in with marathon shopping all weekend long.
Packing for a Marathon Shopping Event, Full of Exercise
Typically when we shop, we don't necessarily have a list in mind, but we each gravitate toward things we like (good rule to follow in case you get stuck with what you buy and can't resell!). It seems, though, we each individually, if not collectively, end up with themed purchases. At the very least, we seem to make purchases that can possibly be combined with things already on hand in our booth spaces. Ready to check out everything I bought in detail? Let's have a show and tell, shall we?

With autumn upon us, I found a couple of signs suitable for immediate display at the shop.
PUMPKINS sign already in our booth space
HARVEST sign in my garden (now in the booth space)
School, autumn......plaids and oxfords...they just go together. The Bass shoes - much like those I wore as a schoolgirl with my plaid uniform skirt - are brand new, but a classically vintage design. The plaids are especially suitable for the months of September through December.
Plaids and Oxfords
Whether autumn decor or the Derby season in spring, equestrian items are always nice finds. A couple of riding helmets, a 1950 vintage book of horses, a leather horse with glass eyes, and several draft horse decorative fobs were picked. I may have to use that rich, brown velvet helmet in my decor with a wool throw, we'll see.
Equestrian Picks
Beyond autumn, winter comes, and with that, winter sports and holidays. Old, early snowshoes and brand new, unused white youth skates are perfect for decor. I found another architectural masonry star, but it could easily serve as holiday decor too.
Winter Decor and More
Some things, such as vintage textiles, are simply standards for us to purchase whenever the price is right. Those hand-embroidered kittens on the pillowcases pictured are too cute, and that little clothespin dress is made so well. I love the tailoring on it.
Vintage Textiles
You know this girl loves her vintage dishes, and a couple pieces of majolica caught my eye, along with a vintage bakelite kitchen utensil and store counter wrapping paper station.
Vintage Kitchen, Tabletop Items
Sometimes when you dig on lower shelves, you find items in lots, much like I did the porcelain casters (below). These are great for people looking to refurbish an old piece of furniture.
Vintage Hardware
I am always on the lookout for mantiques or anything unisex, but never know what I'll find. On this trip, I found a set of billiard balls with a nice patina. These could be used for the intended purpose, or stashed in a bowl, lantern, or under a cloche as decor.
I don't know what it is that attracts me to things like this next one, but I was totally infatuated with this leather skull cap. Maybe it was the handsome Ken head (he came with it), or maybe it was the wire framed and clip-on sunglasses I found separately, but I like the package set. This is my second skull cap I've bought, the last one purchased nearly a year ago in Katy, TX (see it here). This one's in better shape than the last one, and has what appears to be Russian labeling inside.
Manly Man
In addition to our trip to Cincy, we were all together at home the weekend prior, when another sister fled from Beaufort, SC during Hurricane Irma. We had a hurricane party, pricing vintage jewelry accumulated over time, to the tune of the what you see pictured below. We priced these for quick sales because we are not in the jewelry business. However, we sold over $300 worth in the first week!
Vintage Jewelry in Booth Spaces
We also hit a local estate sale during that hurricane weekend, which resulted in a few neat (to me) finds. The photo collage below shows a framed picture of the graduating class of women from National Park College in Forest Glen, MD, June 5, 1940. The vintage coffee table book I chose, "The Dance" could very well be the title of the photo, too. :)
Local Estate Finds: Class of 1940, The Dance
The next grouping of items is men, men, men. Probably a contemporary to the women's photo, it appears to be a class of graduating men, also framed. Equestrian plates flank a pewter trophy dated 1914. The trophy is engraved: "Princeton Yale, Dual Shoot, Princeton - 201, Yale - 200, May 23, 1914, Won By Tom Horn". That trophy now sits on my dining room table, seen here.
Local Estate Finds: Class of Men, Hunt and Shoot Picks
Then there were these September treasures (below), rescued from a neighbor's estate. My Panoply sisters and I had hosted a tag sale in 2010 for the gentleman who owned these concrete urns, at which time he refused to sell them. The young family living there now could care less about them, but I had to take them dirt and all (heavy!!). The top, middle frame of the collage below is all the paint that peeled during the hosing and scrubbing process. They are old, heavy concrete, relief-stamped with the maker label, and even have rebar around the upper edge. They are perfectly imperfect now.
Concrete Urns, Before and After the Pick
So, it was a busy buying month with all the items picked and gathered in September, and below is a collage of all the finds from the various September venues. Granted, these are only mine, and the other two Panoply sisters have at least this much and more.
Panoply September 2017 Vintage Picks, All
In between all of this shopping, we've also been updating our booth spaces. I'll try to put a post together on that soon. Next up for us is a purge event at the end of this month. We are readying for a community yard sale event, where we will rid ourselves of vintage items we're sick of seeing - either in our booths or in our basements - and we'll toss in some random household items, too. It's a total mish-mash sale. We're praying it doesn't rain.

So, are you in gathering/nesting mode, or are you in purge mode? See anything here that strikes your vintage fancy? Buy/Sell, Gather/'s all good. :)

(A special thanks to Jann at Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olsen's Share Your Cup #267 for featuring this post!)
Rita C. at Panoply

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