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Oh Deer! Christmas Tablescape 2017

Hi there, and welcome back to another holiday post here at Panoply, this time featuring a Christmas tablescape. I am a lover of Christmas, using all things red, green, and more. Whether it be solids, checks, and/or plaids, the more, the better.  Add a dash of vintage, and you have my kind of Christmas! This time it's all of the above, in a tablescape theme I'm calling "Oh Deer!"
This tablescape started with a plate I found that seemed to say,  "hey, pick me, pick me!" with color, pattern and festive fun printed all over it. 
I've had a set of white deer ornaments for a few years, intending to use them as place cards, but (see photo collage below, starting clockwise, top L)....the first year I only used one, gluing it to a mason jar to hold marshmallows. This year I used two more white ones in my red truck in my sunroom. Then my friend, Patti, at Pandora's Box, was up for the challenge of painting four more of the white deer ornaments in the classic, MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check pattern for me. Patti also made the toss pillow you see as the backdrop for the four deer in the MacKenzie-Childs inspired CC pattern. Patti not only accepts commissioned projects, she also sells MacKenzie-Childs inspired items she creates, too.
Oh dear deer, I was in heaven! You can see a tiny wire ring on the center of each deer head, originally for hanging. I left it on, to allow the option of using again as an ornament, but it also anchors the place card.

Sometime this past summer I bought the flatware I'm using on this table and I really like its weight and faceted pattern. I am tempted to replace my current flatware with this. The tartan napkins with grosgrain trim add a tailored touch.
The vintage tartanware napkin rings are from Scotland. The patterns are still legible on each one, starting clockwise, top L: McPherson, MacGregor, Leslie, McDuff.
I wanted to make some clove-studded oranges for fragrant holiday decor this year, so my first one was used for a classic Williamsburg apple centerpiece. It starts with a tree-shaped block form, with nails strategically placed for piercing the fruit. Elements used and design styling of the centerpiece can be as varied as the individual creating it. The most typical Williamsburg apple centerpiece is with red apples, topped with a pineapple, the classic symbol of Southern hospitality. Since my table is set for four, I chose to make a smaller profile. With classic red and green, I used small red apples and limes, and my orange with cloves in a star pattern as the topper. I filled the space voids with greens from the garden - pine, magnolia and holly branches with berries.
The finished Williamsburg apple centerpiece was raised on the table by placing it on an ironstone cake stand, a trick I use often, which allows more space on the table beneath it.

Other table textiles used (besides the tartan napkins) are a drop cloth as tablecloth base, topped with my spiral runner, hand-made by my daughter. Courtly Check mini stockings are on the table behind the place cards, to be used as pouches for the checked deer, intended as guest favors. The place cards themselves are simply 3 x 5 index cards, folded, and held closed with Washi tape.
The chargers, originally tartan plaid and used here, were chalkboard painted in black (seen again here and here).
The ruby red water goblets (12 oz) were a [lucky] vintage, estate find, and match smaller juice glasses (6 oz) I have.
Filling out the table for warmth and candle glow, I added two antique, ironstone cafe au lait bowls. I filled each with fresh cranberries, a votive candle and a garnish of pine.
The table was finally complete, and came together very organically, over the course of a few days. With dusk comes little lights in the sunroom, adding to the warm and cozy, festive spirit of the season. 
As you can see, I have used a mix of many patterns on this table (and in the sunroom, in general), with a good measure of solids to ground it all. It was fun, and I hope you take away a bit of inspiration for yourself from the various things I mixed. The complete source list is provided at the very end of this post.
Your visit is welcome and appreciated. As a vintage and antique dealer, playing with dishes is one of my hobbies. You can see more of my tablescapes by going to the 'Tablescapes' menu item at the top of my homepage (if on a mobile device, scroll to bottom and click on 'View Web Version' first. It's also found in the list of labels, or by typing 'tablescape' in the search block, both on my sidebar.
For even more inspiration, have a look at the many other bloggers' listed below, with direct links to their Christmas tablescape posts, as part of a blog hop I am participating in this week. As with last week's home decor hop, this is once again hosted and organized by Chloe Crabtree of the blog, Celebrate and Decorate (thank you, Chloe!). I will be updating the list as the week continues, so you can come back here anytime as a central reference for all the table inspiration. 
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Oh Deer! Christmas Tablescape Source List
Chargers - Michaels, chalkpainted
Dinner, Salad Plates - Big Lots
Deer ornaments - Lowes, handpainted by Patti at Pandora's Box
Drop Cloth tablecloth - Lowes
Spiral holiday table runner - handmade gift from daughter
Tartan Napkins - Mark and Graham
Tartan Napkin Rings, Williamsburg apple centerpiece form - eBay
Flatware - Lucca (Fortessa) - Sur La Table
Glassware - Georgian (Anchor Hocking), Cafe au lait bowls, cake stand - vintage and antique finds
Checked mini stockings, Washi tape - MacKenzie-Childs

Merry Christmas!
Rita C. at Panoply

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