Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Botanical Christmas Tablescape

Hello, December! Whether you're a new or seasoned reader here at Panoply, welcome to my blog. Today is a special day. Not only do we begin a new month, but today you're getting a twofer - two posts in one day! My earlier post published today is a quarterly installment of the Tales of the Traveling Tote. If you missed it, you can catch up here. Be sure to read its entirety for your opportunity at our tribe's giveaway.

Now for my second post - a Botanical Christmas tablescape. 
As part of a collaboration organized by Chloe Crabtree of the blog, Celebrate and Decorate, a group of stylists is sharing holiday tables in an effort to inspire and energize your spirits. Be sure to see the entire list of those participating further in this post for direct links to each and every one.
My table today has a mostly casual vibe, but made a bit more special with a set of botanical salad plates I scored last year on clearance. My complete source list is provided near the end of my post for informational interest only.

Each salad plate depicts a unique floral as an overlay on green tartan plaid. The traditional poinsettia...
...multiflora rose....
...camellia and winterberry...
I actually struggled with identifying the individual florals, as it appears there's some artistic license taken in the production of these images. 
There's a mix of plant leaves with blooms, which made identification a real struggle for me. If you think the flowers are something other than what I've labeled, you could be right (jasmine vine and a peony variety were also considered for the two on the right in collage photo above)). 

My plate stack includes a green tartan plaid charger that matches the salad plates. The dinner plate is a white magnolia bloom, part of my vintage dish collection. 
I chose a burgundy wine napkin for the table, and my vintage tartan napkin rings. Another set of napkin rings (winterberry) top the individual lanterns at each place setting.  
A cotton tablecloth is my base on the table, and I used twig placemats as runners on the table, both horizontally and vertically. Together with the twig flatware, the tablecloth and runners lend a casual vibe. Little lights (battery strung and votive) make everything more inviting and cozy. The center lantern is surrounded by foraged magnolia leaves. The picture below is likely to be the actual table for two for Christmas, as was the case for Thanksgiving.
My glassware is a mix of vintage ruby red color and clear tartan plaid.
Since our dining area is part of an open concept, different angles of the table give a glimpse into the rest of the space as it's decorated for the Christmas season. In the photo shown earlier and again below, you can see our electric fireplace area and tree reflected in the glass casing.
My fireplace dons most of my nutcracker collection. The two framed art prints are watercolors created by my friend and traveling tote sister, Jenna, from her Society6 shop, Paintedapron
Our tabletop Christmas tree is at the opposite side of the room.
With time on my hands, I busied myself in decorating the week before Thanksgiving. Unwrapping and hanging the tree decorations is always a sentimental thing for me, and really transports my spirit into Christmas feelings. I hope there's some spark of inspiration for you in the sharing of my table and vignettes today.

Botanical Christmas Tablescape Source List
(provided as information only, no affiliate sponsorship)

Charger, Botanical Salad Plates - Williams Sonoma
Magnolia (Mikasa) Dinner Plates, Napkins, Napkin Rings, Ruby Red Anchor Hocking Glassware - estate sale finds
Twig Placemats as runners - Foxglove Antiques (Abingdon, VA)
Center and Individual lanterns - retail (Michael's and Williamsburg Marketplace, respectively)
Tablecloth - April Cornell
Glen Plaid (Ralph Lauren) Glassware - eBay
Twig Flatware - Pier 1
Be sure to visit the other stylists listed below and be inspired! A special thanks to Chloe Crabtree for this collaborative event.
Panoply (you are here!)

Thank you for visit and readership today. You are appreciated! I hope you'll leave a comment to let me know you were here. Stay safe, and be well.

Rita C. at Panoply
(A special thanks to Rebecca of Zucchini Sisters' Celebrate Your Story #261 for featuring this post!)


  1. Rita, I am totally smitten with the botanical salad plates...the florals on the green tartan are just stunning! How creative to use the twig placemats horizontally and vertically as runners. The above shot is just magical with the texture of the twig placemats. The copper twig flatware adds another layer of twigginess, is that a word? EM would love your nutcracker collection, I think they are such a fun collectible. The lights of the tree and on your table give me all the Christmas feels. Wishing you a beautiful Christmas season.

  2. Nothing gets me more in the mood then seeing your table all decked out. I'm glad you found those dishes, they look like they were made for your table! I am also loving the flatware. Every time I see it, I think I need some for my table.

    Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

  3. Rita, I’m dreaming of a Botanical Christmas now...love those plates and I’m always mad for plaid! One of your blooms looks like it my leggy azaleas when I don’t prune them. :) Love your choice of twig flatware and runners. Your overhead shot is wonderful with the twinkling lights. I think we all decorated our trees a little early with extra time on our hands this year and your home looks cozy and inviting! It’s always a pleasure to hop with you, Happy December ♥

  4. Wow! Rita, that last picture is so creative.How do you do that?
    Love the Botanical plates, plaid chargers, twig runners and sparkly lights. Repeating the twiggy look in the flatware was very effective.I like using the runners both horizontally and vertically.
    Seeing all your decorations was festive and fun. Your tree is so pretty and I love your nutcracker collection.
    I always enjoy your commentary. You have the gift. I look forward to reading your traveling tote posts. Busy day!
    Wishing you all the happiness this wonderful season brings.

  5. So lovely, Rita! Your artistic eye is able to combine a lot of elements into a beautiful table.

  6. Rita, I am beyond impressed that you were able to participate in the tablescape hop and the TTTs today!! I hated to miss the tablescape fun, but just couldn't get it done with being gone for Thanksgiving last week. Your floral and plaid plates, are so gorgeous and unusual and really star on your beautiful table! Love the darks with the white blooms, and I am always drawn to twinkling lights. Your table is elegant and serene, I could happily spend a leisurely evening there...I have only just begun holiday decorating, and you have inspired me to get busy so I can sit back and enjoy it! I am beyond flattered to see my winter tree watercolors by the fireplace, thank you so much, it thrills me to see my art in the home of a treasured friend :) I hope you and Mr. P have a wonderful December and safe holiday season!

  7. Rita, you know I love a good plaid!! So when my eyes fell upon you botanical plaid plates I was instantly wanting more!! I love the way you showed them off with the twig runners, keeping with a natural element.
    I am always crushing on your plaid glassware every time you use them!! Such a beautiful table!! It is always such a pleasure to hop with you. I wish you a very peaceful Christmas season๐ŸŽ„❤️

  8. Your botanical plates add such beauty to your table, Rita. I really love the use of the two twiggy placemats used as a runner. The twinkling fairy lights add the perfect sparkle. The individual votive lanterns are adorable! How your tree adds such warmth to your room with special mementos that we cherish. Happy December ❤️๐ŸŽ„❤️

  9. Rita, such a lovely and festive table. Your botanical plates are so pretty, you did come upon a find. Also love your nutcrackers and your tree.

    Wishing you beautiful days in December. Savor the moments.

  10. Rita, what a festive, unique and lovely table setting! Love the plaid mixed with the botanicals. I somehow never saw those PB plates — probably a good thing lol! Always enjoy seeing “our” twig flatware on a table; so versatile don’t you think? It was also really enjoyed the little tour of your loft. Dear hubby, my son and his girl went out and cut down a fresh tree on Friday. That evening I unwrapped the sentimental and homemade ornaments as they decorated the tree. So now, I am enjoying the view with holiday music softly playing, and a fresh blanket of snow outside the window too! Wishing you the happiest holiday season.

  11. Rita, your tablescape is just beautiful! I love plates and salad plates! They pair so well with your chargers. The lanterns with candles really make the table feel cozy and inviting. Your fireplace area is so festive. Enjoy your day and stay warm. We finally got cold weather for December 1st. Clara❤️

    1. Clara, thank you! I always appreciate your visits and comments!

  12. I love YOUR plates and salad plates! Sorry, left out an important word! The salad plates are gorgeous!

  13. Blooms and tartan! Sign me up, Rita! What a beautiful combination for salad plates. Surprised I never saw those plates at WS. Love the twig flatware too. I wish I had added some years ago when a friend found a source on sale. Each detail is inspiring, Rita.
    Happy Holidays!

  14. This is lovely, Rita. So warm and elegant. I love plaid. And the white botanical plates are beautiful. Love the tree as a centerpiece, too. Your home looks so warm and inviting. Who wouldn't want to enjoy a feast at your table!

  15. I love the napkin rings on top of the small lanterns!

  16. Rita this is amazing. Just gorgeous. Love the lights under the table runner and the plates are stunning. Love your sweet little tree all pretty and a glow.
    Your home is so welcoming and beautiful for Christmas. Awesome. xoxo Kris

  17. OMGoodness, the botanical, plaid salad plates are so gorgeous. I love them! Your lights under the runner: very clever! I also love the stick/twig theme, too. Elegant, meet rustic! Love everything about it. :D


  18. Rita, those plates caught my eye first thing. They are beautiful! I adore plaid and magnolias. I also love the glow you created by placing lights under your table runner. Everything looks so pretty and that tabletop tree is gorgeous! I hope that you have a most joyous and blessed Christmas season!

  19. Those beautiful botanical plaid plates were a great find. You must have been delighted, Rita, when pulling them out to use on your Christmas table. I also like the white magnolia bloom plate between the two plaid ones. The twig runners make everything else stand out. I like that bit of organic feel it gives to the table.
    Plus I like the shots where you can see the other parts of the room. The fireplace and tree make it all very cozy feeling.
    Happy December to you, and happy holidays:)

  20. Your table and holiday decor is so spot on expressive with what so many of us are craving right now: cozy, warm safe and welcoming. I cannot seem to get going this year. I have only pulled out some kitchen textiles, i.e. pillows and throws and tabletop in the kitchen. Maybe in another week or two. I do think I am going to keep things really simple this year.

  21. Rita, your table is so festive and beautiful! I love the botanical plates and the sparkle of the lights down the center! You always think of every detail which makes your tables so special. Great hopping with you again!

  22. Your table is stunning and I especially like the floral/plaid plates and your centerpiece! I love Jenna's paintings and your fireplace looks gorgeous! Enjoy the season!

  23. Lovely table all set for the holidays Rita. Those botanical plaid plates are eye catching. The twig runner looks amazing with the lights. I adore the twig flatware too. I missed out on those from Pier 1. The fireplace looks so inviting and makes for a great backdrop. Love the decorated Christmas tree, so festive and fun. Happy Holidays Rita.

  24. The botanical plaid plates are so unusual. It's such a pretty twist on plaid. Your table looks lovely. It was fun hopping with you today.

  25. Rita,
    Stopping by to wish you the Merriest of Holiday seasons! Plaid, botanicals and just the perfect amount of sparking glow definitely ushers in the Christmas season.

  26. Rita, I feel like I am celebrating Christmas in a warmer tropical area seeing your tablescape. The twig runners, magnolia and large florals on your plates just remind me being at a beach in a hammock for the holidays. I love the touch of plaids in the table which add that touch of masculinity to the tablescape. The fairy lights and the glow make it so cozy as if I am in a island hut looking out at the evening stars. Now a peppermint martini in my hammock would do just fine about now. So lovely, Rita. You truly captured my need to escapism and indulged me in a moment of delightful, calming holiday fantasy. Merry Christmas sweet friend.

  27. Rita, I do believe no-one styles a tablescape quite as beautiful as you. There is so much loveliness for the eyes to drink in. Those botanical plates are exquisite; what a find they were. The tree is a-sparkling with gorgeousness and what a cosy place to sit before the fire, sipping a glass of wine, smiling at your sweet Nutcrackers. Your home exudes the wonderful wonderment of Christmas.

  28. This is just lovely Rita! I hope you do get to use it for Christmas - it would be wonderful to sit with all that sparkle and festive color! I'm going to try some fairy lights now - what a great idea! So fun hopping with you!

  29. Gorgeous, gorgeous Rita. When I first saw this wonderful table, I thought "British Colonial Christmas". The Tartan plaid and the table runners just spoke to me. Those botanical plates are amazing. Could the upper right hand flower be a Camillia? I'm no botanist, but it reminded me of a lovely white variety. I always love seeing your imagination go wild with your tablescapes. Hope you're having a wonderful first week of the Christmas Season!

  30. Rita, I LOVE those plates! For me, there is nothing like plaid at Christmastime, but the addition the gorgeous blooms makes these especially stunning! Do you know the manufacturer? I would love to search for these, even if it is on Replacements. The twig runners are the perfect complement and oh, that overhead shot with the lantern and the leaves...perfect! I hope you and your family have a safe and happy Christmas!

  31. Oh Rita those botanical tartan plates are a showstopper! The twig placemats turned runner with the lights make for a dazzling display. I love how you paired the magnolia dinner plate with those beautiful salad plates and those tartan tumblers are perfect for your theme. Have a Merry Christmas and please stay safe and well.

  32. I believe this is my most favorite tablescapes you have shared, Rita. All of the natural and organic touches work seamlessly with the tartan fabric and glassware. I'm always drawn to the unexpected so your runner is such a great part of the arrangement. I'm giving you five stars on this one!

    I'm doing pretty well as far as getting moving on decorating in spite of being super busy. I found our tree today at the nursery, and it's a wee little balsam fir. Our living room is smallish but this guy is short and slim so I think we can have it in the window. Once I set it up I'll let the branches drop and then begin decorating. For sone reason I need that tree finished before I start my elf duties!

    Happy Holidays!๐ŸŽ„


  33. Lovely table, Rita! I would add romantic and intimate to your description. I would think this would be lovely throughout winter, not just during the holidays.

    1. Thank you, Sandra! I'm with you on these dishes being able to carry past Christmas. I appreciate your stopping by. Happy holidays!

  34. Rita, I love those plates--the combination of Christmas florals with plaids is charming! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  35. Oh it's just beautiful! Two things I adore, plaid and botanicals...swoon!

  36. This is such a pretty and unique tablescape! I'm now inspired to do some tablescapes too!

    Life is a Shoe