Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Tales of the Traveling Tote #27 & Giveaway

Welcome to the Tales of the Traveling Tote #27, and Happy June! Our tales began in 2015, and we are still journaling our tales each quarter. You can go here for my personal travel history with my totes - Miss Luna C and Miss Charley C and Miss Penny.

Before we get started, first I want to do a little Traveling Tote throwback to waaay back in 2015, when Miss Luna C went to the park; what is now our nation's 63rd National Park! The New River Gorge National Park was made official in December 2020, but was originally established in 1978. Check out that fabulous day trip here.
WV's New River Gorge National Park
Since our last tales summary in March, we have definitely been out and about more. We have abandoned clicklist grocery shopping for in-person selecting, and we are eating in restaurants and outside when available. Thank goodness the mask ban is lifted. I thought it particularly silly to wear one into a restaurant, only to sit down and eat with it off, and then putting it back on to walk out. We comply when the establishments request masks.
Anniversary - our first time out!
Bereavements and birthdays with friends
In April I went on an antiquing trip with my Panoply sisters in Cincinnati. It was part of my Vintage Finds in Covid Times post, here. Miss Luna C is especially suited for overnight travels!
We pack our lunch on these outings, but also stop and eat if there's a cafe inside where we shop. Then we go back to my sister's home where her husband always cooks for us!
By May,  I had dinner out with friends again, and we attended an unmasked cocktail party on the lawn of my undergrad alma mater's President's home.  I also caught up on some overdue screening tests - mammogram and dexascan (for bone density). Mother's Day was celebrated with my daughters. The youngest (below, rt) is expecting my first grandchild in late August (a girl!). 
Mother's Day with my girls
Starting the first of May, our outdoor Capitol Market was really hoppin'!. Our Capitol Market has thrived for over 25 years as part of our Urban Renewal Authority's efforts to help sustain our local agrarian efforts and to revive an old rail yard that was once part of our city's original growth. The outdoor market is open year round, and the inside of the former rail station is home to local eateries and shops. It is also the site of our city's visitor's center.
The weekend of May 15-16, my sister-in-law who is a published author participated in one of our city's FestivALL's series of featured artists at the Market. I think Carter Taylor Seaton was trying to snatch my Miss Penny bag as her own by filling it with a number of her published books!
The weekend of May 21-22, I attended a "Summer Weekend Fun" open house at Rosegate Design and Womens Boutique. This is my local boutique where MacKenzie-Childs is sold, the only authorized M-C dealer in West Virginia. You've seen me here before in my travels! Miss Charley C accompanied me on this outing.
Rosegate does not just sell M-C! Donna Compton (the proprietor, far rt in photo below) and her team also provide a nice selection of women's fashion & accessories, baby gift items, skincare, as well as interior design consultations and home decor (including furniture). The website is Rosegate Womens Boutique
This event was great fun: sipping wine and nibbling on some great hors d'oeuvres, and then shopping (in that order). With personal shopping assistance, I picked up a new summer outfit of linen and denim (not shown), and a few new MacKenzie-Childs items. It was hard to choose! 
The following weekend Rosegate Design had another sale event, including MacKenzie-Childs inventory. Happy Birthday to me. 😉
(Update June 15, 2021: Kim at Exquisitely Unremarkable was randomly chosen as our winner by Ricki Jill Treleaven. Thank you to all who left comment entries!)

The Traveling Totes Tribe is offering another giveaway and Ricki Jill at The Sketchy Reader is our giveaway sponsor this time. One lucky reader who leaves a comment on Ricki Jill's post today will have their name thrown into the hat for an opportunity to win this MacKenzie-Childs Courtly Check single toggle light switch plate . This is a perfect accessory for anywhere in your home (or garage or she shed or......)! 

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Join us again on September 1, 2021 for another edition of the Tales of the Traveling Tote. 
Thanks so much for your visit. I love reading your comments, and be sure to leave one on Ricki Jill's blog for a chance at our token gift. Stay safe, and Happy June!


  1. A belated happy birthday to you! I love M-C stuff, but it is a little overwhelming in large doses, like at the boutique you mentioned! I would love this little light switch plate! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  2. Happy June Rita! I've said it before but you are SO photogenic! Isn't it wonderful to be out and about celebrating and seeing friends and family again? Happy belated birthday and anniversary to you! ♥

  3. I love to hear about your traveling tales. The lovely shop with MCK items and refreshments looks so exciting. It is very nice to be able to be out again and shop and socialize. I always enjoy seeing your sisters and today your daughters and SIL. How exciting to hear your news about being a grandmother soon. Great pictures of you also.
    I enjoyed your post today.

  4. Happy June, Rita! I am so excited that you are going to be a grandmother, it is truly grand. You have been out celebrating and I know it feels wonderful to be out and about again. I agree with Mary, you are photogenic and your longer hair looks great on you! I would certainly enjoy that lovely shop. Happy belated anniversary and birthday wishes!

  5. Happy birthday (tomorrow) to you! What lovely gifts and you will really enjoy that vase!! AND I love your hair longer as you look younger!! So happy that WV has lifted to Covid regulations and you get to see friends and travel with your sisters! It is so refreshing to be able to enjoy the simple things we missed for over a year! Good time ahead for you!! Happy Travels!

  6. Busy, busy! So great you can be out and about again! Thanks for taking us along on your travels.

  7. I know you are thrilled to be out and about again, doesn't it seem like someone snapped their fingers and just like that things are back to normal?? I was so self conscious the first time I went into a store without my mask! I'm so glad you got to spend Mother's Day with your girls and congrats on the new grandbaby! I did't know your SIL was an author, wow, I will check out her books! I love your new Parchment Check goodies from MKC, beautiful. I hope you will be celebrating your birthday tomorrow in a wonderful way! Happy Birthday and Happy June Rita!

  8. Happy June Rita and Happy Birthday. You always look fabulous. What fun to be out and about with your family. You and your sisters are so cute. Congrats on the being an almost Grandmas, How exciting! The shop looks lovely and I am so happy you bought yourself some birthday gifts. That way you get exactly what you want. So cool your SIL is an author. Too cute with her trying to steal miss Penny. Enjoy your special day and summer.

  9. Rita, I love seeing photos of you out and about and having fun again with your sisters, friends and your adorable daughters. Love your new look with the longer hair. You look fabulous (love the photo of you with the white fur rug I think) and such a cute photo. We are getting out more but haven't eaten out yet, I'm working on that idea. Thanks for sharing your back to normal photos, wish I'd been there to share shopping with you!!!! Happy Birthday Rita!

  10. Rita, Your outings look like such good fun! Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your granddaughter! Happy belated birthday. Love the vase and cute little dish. They're beautiful colors. The market looks like a wonderful place to go. Your tote adventures are always a fun update. Enjoy your week! Clara❤️

  11. Rita,
    I truly enjoyed your post!!! It really made me smile on a day that needed it! I'm on to
    Ricki Jill at The Sketchy Reader.

  12. Hi Rita,
    Love all your sweet adventures with your tote. That market looks fabulous. Love the pic with you and the girls having mother's day celebration together. Happy June. xoxo Kris

  13. Looks like so much fun. I am looking forward to life changes and adventures hopefully soon!

    1. Thank you, Rose. It's been so fun reintroducing ourselves to normalcy! Every little outing is like a new gift.

  14. Happy Birthday Rita! I love these posts and it all looks like so much fun! The market looks amazing. We are venturing out more and more these days and I know it will start to feel normal again when I can get to California and hug my daughter. We are waiting until after the 15th when they fully open up again. So much to look forward to...especially a new little grandbaby! August will be here before you know it. What a wonderful gift!

  15. So much fun seeing a photo fo your lovely daughters. You've been getting out and about A LOT! I love it! Your local MacKenzie-Childs shop looks dangerous....I would probably get into lots of trouble @ Rosegate Designs. I love going to markets, and yours looks wonderful. Can you walk to the market from where you live? Fun post, Rita, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU!!! Very nice gift!

  16. Have you had more post-Covid fun than anyone, my friend? I don't think so! I love every moment of your adventures -- the shopping, the sisters, luncheons and all. But best of all, you're going to be a girly-gran and oh, I'm a tad envious. I adore our boys but I don't think I'll be getting them ballet slippers or Angelina Ballerina books! I'm thrilled for you, Rita. You are going to love it!

  17. Happy Birthday, Rita, and Happy Anniversary, too. I loved seeing all your pics with sisters and daughters. How wonderful about the BIG NEWS of a grand baby girl in August!! Get ready to fall madly in love with that little one. Oh and btw, I like your hairstyle. It’s very becoming on you.

  18. Happy Celebrating!!! I love your new MC finds. The Parchment Check is gorgeous. I have the little bird ring dish in Courtly Check with the golden bird. It's one of my favorite pieces. I don't use it for rings, but it has proven very useful for lots of serving ideas. How lucky you are to have a local boutique that sells MC.
    And congratulations on the expectant grandchild. What fun!!!

  19. Congrats on that baby girl!! You've had so many fun social gatherings. Loved seeing your sisters. You look adorable with your new hair style. I'm looking forward to being with family; hopefully soon! Thank for sharing the fun!

  20. Happy almost birthday Rita! So your going to be a grandma! How wonderful! Your tote bag gets around a lot! It was silly the rules for dining. I’m so glad the restrictions have been lifted here in Michigan!

  21. Happy Birthday Rita, love the vase! Congratulations on that baby girl!! I love your new MC finds, and seeing your sisters. I'm glad the restrictions have been lifted, and hope you continue to enjoy some wonderful outings this summer. You look fabulous!

  22. So glad to see you out and about and having so much fun! It is so wonderful to be able to connect again! Wow, I just love your birthday present to yourself - those colors are fabulous. Rosegate sounds like a fabulous place. We don't have any place in our state that sells MC - Las Vegas is the closest, and their store doesn't have all that much. Happy birthday again, and a happy anniversary too.

  23. Good morning, Rita and Happy June. Your outings look like such fun. It is truly wonderful to be out doing things again. Enjoy these summer days!

  24. It's so nice to be able to get out again! Thank you for sharing your travels with us at Party In Your PJ's.

  25. You have so much fun I'm jealous! Your daughters are beautiful - congrats on the newest addition! And thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen

  26. That is a very BIG bag in the guise of Miss Luna C, you have there, Rita. Why, every girl should go hiking carrying such a chic carryall such as this. Love 'that' bridge in Fayetteville. I can see many a photo shoot happening there with it in the background.....just saying. Happy Birthday to lovely you, indeed! It must be wonderful to be out and about again with your loved ones and friends. Oh....and Happy Anniversary to you both. Wonderful news that you will soon be a grandmother....so exciting!

  27. Happy June, Rita! You are the cutest!! I'm so happy to see you out and about with family and friends again. Happy belated birthday and anniversary to you. The tales of the traveling tote are always a favorite! {Is there a diaper bag or baby back pack version of your tote, grandmama?? Just asking!} xo Lidy

  28. What adventures!! Congrats on your anniversary and your first grandchild to be! How exciting for your family! Have a fabulous week Rita!!

  29. Well, look at you getting out and about! Sounds like you have embraced the opening up of the country in grand style! So, Happy belated Birthday, and Happy belated Anniversary!! I know you are going to love that little granddaughter SO much and spoil her, too!! The mask thing in the restaurants is a little silly, isn't it? I am so happy most of the places in Florida have let it go, being a glasses wearer, I just was so OVER dealing with fogged up glasses, and in the heat, these masks are too much!

  30. You all truly know how to have fun!!!...Loved seeing all of your adventures..and glad you got out for your Anniversary and what gorgeous birthday gifts!!!!