Thursday, September 12, 2013

Home and Garden Fall Reflections

There's finally a break in the lingering hot temps of summer, projects are getting checked off before it gets cold, and out comes a little Fall decor, both in home and garden.  Fall is a time of profound beauty and melancholy, all rolled into one.  It's a time to reflect and plant seeds of hope for the future.

I'm pulling out my throws for coziness and warmth to sit, read, reflect......
I'm bringing out the pumpkins to coordinate with the mossy greens and browns of Fall color.....
...and the neutrals in my sunroom for the sunny, sleepy afternoon naps.
In the hopes of making guests feel invited and cozy too, the guest bed has added touches of whimsy,
In the garden, I'm drying some hydrangeas to later bring inside for an arrangement.........
...while my little cherub sits on the wall watching the activity that remains in the garden..... the bee that's working hard to pull the last of the season's nectar from the Sedum 'Autumn Joy'.
The porch is all-telling:  it says, "Welcome Fall, Y'all!"
Soon, it will be the perfect time for a little day trip in the hills of our home state of West Virginia, where everywhere you turn, you see the beauty of the Fall season.  You don't have to go far, as we're nestled in a valley where the hills hug us every single day.  Reminiscing my high school years, I had a poster in my bedroom with the message:  "You never really leave a place you love.  Part of it you take with you, leaving a part of you behind". While the author is unknown, the message is a sentiment I feel with deep understanding.  This photo, which I captured on one of those little day trips, says just that to me. So does Fall.

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