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My Panoply of a Pumpkin Patch

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Feeling good....feeling Fall....finally having a chance to let the decorating bug bite!

It's been a crazy busy September, and I took a day just to take a little break from dealing with contractors and my daughter's wedding plans.  I gathered my pumpkins, a few found naturals, and a few other Fall decor items and played around with some arrangements.  Here, I'm posting my Panoply of a pumpkin patch from my home, garden and our antique mall booth space of some of those arrangements.

Since I'll be mostly in wedding mode from now until the end of October, and the new month just being around the corner, I thought I'd go ahead and get my witch on now, hehe. I threw one little pumpkin in this mix for good measure.
This is the stair landing area of my second floor, directly outside my office / spare bedroom.  This little witch ensemble came from a local craft fair.  It consists of a tea-dyed, tattered dress, complete with "spells" bag attached to its sash, a cone hat, and tattered witch shoes.  The hooked heart mat came from the same craft fair, and the cross-stitched "October Curls" pillow was from another local festival from a prior year.  The primitive bench, leather tote and suitcase, along with the plush chickadee are all past finds.  Here's a closeup of the little witch ensemble:
Isn't that set just the cutest?  I don't do much Halloween decor, but I fell for this easily.

After picking up several items from our Capitol Market this past week, I took the opportunity to arrange them in various ways.  I love the white pumpkins, and I made the arrangement pictured below with some deer antlers and a couple of past auction finds.
I love the mix of the rustic, thrush-woven, wooden stool with the contrast of the English sterling serving platter against it.  The platter was a one of those bargains at auction where the most of the bidders weren't quite awake or paying attention, and I nabbed it!
The serving platter is quite heavy, and has some fantastic detailing on the lipped rim.

Using the stool as a prop for another display, I tried the combination pictured below.
I like the whimsy of the little velvet pumpkin, looking as if it's about to get squished into the tiny tureen. Pumpkin soup, anyone? :)

Mr. P. and I walk almost every single day, and I picked up these two chestnut pods on one of our recent treks - very carefully, I might add - ouch!  I love the color & size of these when they're fresh.  I first just placed them in this little marble birdbath, along with random wine corks and pine cones.  
I already had my mossy tureen and pumpkin in the dining room, so I moved the chestnut pods there:
They'll soon shrivel and lose their color, but for now, I like their appearance.

In the sunroom, I placed another, traditional pumpkin purchased at the market in this vignette:
This little washstand was also an auction purchase, and the surface serves as both decorative display and functional serving when we have company.  The marble surface, chalkboard backsplash, and natural wood frame lend themselves readily to Fall decor.  Antlers, pine cones, and stems from my fallen birch trees complement the faux bittersweet and twig stems on display.  The twig stems have teeny, tiny lights on their ends, and give a really nice glow at dusk in this room. 

Along the same wall in the sunroom, in the other corner,  is my reading nook.  This is where my recently slipcovered chaise lounge is situated, with my Fall wreath behind me (the last photo in this post shows it encircling a pumpkin), and the lamp (an estate find) and table beside me.  

In a couple of weeks, I'll grab a few more naturals, this time from the garden, courtesy of this perennial - a tall, daisy-like mum (this photo is from last Fall; it's still a little early for the blooms yet):
And I'll make the arrangement pictured below, for the sunroom table.  My white sweater pumpkins were purchased last year from Deb, at Homeward Found Decor:
Shadowplay in Fall is just amazing to me, and I especially like how it comes through the sunroom's mostly glass windows.

After playing around with my market pumpkins indoors, they ultimately landed on the front porch for this display, pictured below.
I bought one white, one traditional orange (it remains in the sunroom), one blue and one gnarly orange pumpkin, along with the Indian corn, bale of hay and yellow mum.  I like to purchase budding mums so they'll be sure and last through the better part of October, unlike the Indian corn, which the squirrels start attacking soon after I place it!  The ceramic pumpkin planter holding the mum is a previous find from our local feed and seed store.

One of my last pumpkin displays comes from one of our antique mall booths, a table setting/vignette we did last Fall:
Going with rustic elegance as our theme, we mixed natural wood textures with both shiny and darkened patinas of metals.  The cast iron urn on the floor cradles a real pumpkin, while other textures are mixed in the form of feathers, glass and textiles.  The cape and hat on the mannequin are vintage, giving a ghostly appearance as your hostess to the tables setting.

That's it for my Panoply of a pumpkin patch.  I'll be finishing up a couple more outdoor projects before the wedding, along with putting the garden to bed and styling our booth spaces, all of which should keep me plenty busy until it's beginning to look a lot like.......I can't even say it.

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