Monday, September 9, 2013

Post-Plumbing Project Reveal

Well, the plumbing job I whined posted about last week is complete, and I worked all weekend to put the affected rooms back together.  Seriously, it was not half as bad as I expected and prepared for.  Overkill might be a better way to label all the pre-work.

Nonetheless, the bathroom went from this:
Standard, builder-grade chrome faucets

Double faucet chrome shower faucets
To this:
These Delta faucets are sleeker, brushed chrome fixtures that behave when turned to the off position, and have no crud under the plastic handles - because there are no plastic handles!

The coordinating shower fixture turned out nicely as well, including the conversion plate that bridges the old, double faucet fixture holes:
And, as we all know, the obvious next step for me was to change out the hardware on the cabinets:
I also bought a couple of organizing gizmos for the under sink storage, and cleaned out all the old products that seemed to have been multiplying in there.  The shower curtain was washed, ironed, and put back up with a new liner in the freshly caulked tub.

The bedroom adjacent to the shower wall went from this:
Wall-to-wall furniture with purse displays

Purse tree and mannequins flanking chest of drawers
To this:
The chunky display cabinet previously on the left of the bureau is now empty and waiting for my daughter's pickup for her new home.  The glass, tabletop DuBarry cosmetics display case that was on the chunk is finding its new home [presently] in my office/spare bedroom.  The curio previously on the right of the bureau has been moved to my living room. Mr. P. actually suggested displaying my purses somewhere for others to enjoy them also!  The mannequin now on the left of the bureau was previously to the right side of the chest of drawers (in different vintage clothing).  Now she stands adjacent to the access panel you see above, which has not yet been painted.  I may just hang a couple of beaded purses in the area; I'm undecided still.  The two nesting boxes feature Bouguereau (French artist, 1825-1905) images that I love.

The other wall that has been uncluttered a bit as a result of my plumbing upgrades is the wall where the chest of drawers is situated in the guest room:
I placed two pieces of vintage luggage (previously under the bureau) on a luggage rack as a bed stand near the mannequin in the corner. I removed the purse tree that was previously there, and it now is in our master bedroom (and Mr. P. likes it there - wonders never cease!).  The right side of the chest has a few purses temporarily on the floor in Ryker boxes, but moving the second mannequin freed up the space for the writing desk chair.  And, now that I've written this post, I realize that my purse museum is no longer that!  I've totally removed almost all of my displays from this room!

But wait - there's more!  Remember the picture of the basement area where I had moved, organized and segregated 'stuff' for the job at hand and upcoming yard sale?  See the curio table (below) with the cabriole legs?

Look where it landed!  This was per the prompt of a reader's comment.  Thank you, Laura!
This is my sitting room, a cozy room with just a loveseat and this chair for sitting, which is especially nice in the winter months.  I swapped out the glass top table (that was previously here) for the curio table destined for the yard sale, and was able to put a few of my nicer, larger, beaded purses in the case.  What's even better is that it has a little drawer, and I added some of my antique coin purses there:
The work continues in settling for a final, pleasing look in the master bedroom, living room and my office/spare bedroom, now that my purse displays are re-distributed.  I want to live with the changes a few days to see if it feels right, and I also need better light to capture it in photos before I share.  The yard sale is this coming Saturday, and that's my focus this week.  Besides, I may still shop from my own stash to finish out the details of the other rooms, lol!

For now, these guys  - leftover space hoggers - are definitely on their way out [of the door], literally (see below).  I told our postman today he was supposed to take them, like outgoing mail.  He didn't.  One way or another, they'll be gone soon.  I have some Fall decor that needs to be out there!  
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