Sunday, May 18, 2014

Summer in the Sunroom, 2014

(Thank you, Tammy, for featuring my sunroom at One More Time Events)!

I spent some time changing out the colors of spring and added some more summertime-themed items in my sunroom recently.  I last showed the sunroom and how it looked for spring, here. Now, here's a look at how things have shaped up for a relaxed, laid-back summer style:
Gone are the previous throw and spring-themed lumbar pillow from the chaise lounge.  A lightweight, cabled cotton throw and patriotic pillow rest on the chaise.  The bust on the side table was moved to the server, and the vintage swimmer whirligig and lifeguard chair take its place.
I found the Union Jack hooked pillow (below) on clearance at Home Decorators. With a nod to our favorite vacation destination in the British West Indies, it sits across the room from the chaise lounge.
The chair opposite that with the Union Jack pillow still holds my Cat's Studio West Virginia pillow.
The loveseat glider's previous quilt has been switched out for a red and white, very old, hand-worked quilt (auction). There's another auction quilt in the canvas tote to the right.

On the table next to the glider is a cloche of several items collected and placed under it, with a copper tray as its base. There is a bird's nest, pine cone, seashells, moss and acorns, along with a wind chime dangling from the center of the cloche's top - a sort of collage of the seasons - all on a bed of moss.
On the side server is my terra cotta bust, previously on the table next to the chaise.  The old, copper pitcher's forsythia has now been replaced with cotton branches.  Underneath is our basket of recyclable magazines and newspapers, and a few of my design books beside it.
The baker's rack in the corner still holds an ironstone basin (its pitcher is on a shelf in my laundry room), full of last year's lavender crop, which I have been terribly lazy about shucking off the branches.  Besides, I have plenty lavender sachets in drawers and closets for now, so I decided to take a few bunches and place them, as is, in vases.  Here, I've placed them in one of a trio of creamers. I showed you those (and the cow) in my post where I took you on a pick.  I guess those won't be heading for the booth space anytime soon. ;)  The round, European board was sourced from Paul Berkowitz's shop, Great Stuff by Paul (you may have seen him written up in Country Living years ago).  The thick board came from a recent tag sale.
The MOP & sterling collared butter knives were acquired in a box lot at an auction - they're by Frary & Clark Aetna Works (really, really old), and were basically just freebies thrown in.
The "Marguerite" statue previously on the baker's rack now rests on the bench at the back of the sunroom (see below).  You can also see an armillary next to the dieffenbachia plant in the corner. That was part of my Frontgate gift card redemption, which I received just after Christmas.  It is super heavy (cast iron), and I want to place it in my garden, but can't decide exactly where.  I think I'll need to spray it with a clear coat of polyurethane before I take outdoors in an unprotected area, so that's another reason why it's still in the sunroom.
I'm still a little unsettled with things in this room, but I've decided to wait a few days and come back to it, to see where the mood takes me.  Meanwhile, there are other rooms I'm toying with, and getting more items ready for the booth spaces......
Are you looking forward to and getting ready for summer, or still just enjoying these wonderful days of spring?  Are you making subtle changes inside, or going all in with big projects?  

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