Friday, May 9, 2014

Getting Organized - Pt III of a Series (Great Pantry Design)

Our home was built for a bachelor who must have had some good design help when it came to the kitchen. Sure, there are a few things I would consider updating and may tackle in the coming year or two but, honestly, it's a great kitchen, and works really well for all the family gatherings I host.  Today I'm sharing my kitchen pantry design as part of my getting organized series.

This post is a little different from the other, related organizational posts in my series (catch Parts I and II at bottom), as there are no links to products I use in this installment.  It's just a few photos to show you a good design feature in my kitchen, which I love. For any of you thinking of building or renovating your kitchen, I would highly recommend this design or something similar. It's a great use of wall space.

Here's a view of my kitchen pantry with doors closed.
Its placement in the kitchen is at the end of the the space pictured below, with a hallway leading to the back entry (visible in the frame), where groceries come in.  The angle from which I took the photo below is part of our open breakfast area, and the working triangle is directly across from nearer end of the island (fridge, and on the other side (sink). I like the cherry wood in here and won't be painting it; I would, however, be open to new countertops in a Corian finish.  I digress.  That's a different post that I'm not ready for yet.
Now, back to the pantry details. Inside the pantry doors are shelves galore - inside each door, as well as the two hinged doors you see when open - in the picture below. There is also a shelf on top that spans across the entire pantry cupboard, and is deep enough for large cereal boxes to be filed. There are two drawers at the base of the pantry, great for storing oven racks and broiler pans, as well as a few sundries.
Here's the coolest part of the pantry, pictured below.  Those hinged doors inside the main opening rotate right and left, for yet more storage space on both sides!
The shelves on the hinged doors are accessible from front or back, just with a mere rotation to the right or left. The shelves behind the inside, hinged doors are adjustable.  BAM!  It's an awesome way to organize the kitchen!  For that matter, it would make a great craft supply storage elsewhere in the house, too. It's like having two pantries in one. Even though it's not a walk-in, butler-type pantry where I can store my dishes, I've worked around that issue by marrying a bachelor who underutilized his furniture prior to my moving in. All the furniture in the house is filled up now.  ;)

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