Thursday, May 14, 2015

Azaleas in Bloom: Vintage Noritake Azalea Tablescape

Just in time for my garden zone's (7a) full display of spring azalea blooms, I'm sharing a vintage collection of Noritake's Azalea china pattern, circa 1918.
Made in Japan for export, this china pattern (Patent #19322) features hand-painted, pink azalea blooms on a white base with gold rim, and grey-green leafy flourishes.
The table, as set in Panoply's booth space in our local antique mall, consists of six 4-pc place settings (dinner, salad, cup and saucer). In addition, there are serving pieces (sugar bowl & creamer, round and oval vegetable bowls, plus a celery server). Less common serving pieces include a round butter server with drain insert for ice, lemon dish, and whip cream bowl with underplate & ladle (often used for serving mayonnaise).
Complementing the table setting are a set of vintage Viking "Georgian" 9 oz flat tumbler glasses in amethyst. Viking is one of many West Virginia glass brands, and these are a more recent vintage, 1980s. The centerpiece is a dainty cherub and floral porcelain by Capodimonte, mid-century in age.
The display was altered in our booth spaces as the dining furniture sold, relegating the china to a wicker cart yet, perhaps, suggesting an equally inviting garden party. Additional amethyst glass serving pieces were added.
China is not a big seller in our vintage resale business; however, it is most definitely one of my biggest weaknesses. It's not even something I seek out while on the hunt, but the dishes always seem to see me coming, and call my name. Even though many of the other vintage pieces shown here have sold, the Noritake Azalea china was pulled and remains in my personal stash of dishes - until another seasonal display calls for their presences and, hopefully, a potential buyer decides they must have them. ;)

What is it about dishes that captures demands attention? I certainly cannot explain it, can you?

Meanwhile, in the garden, the photos below show the flower for which the design this Noritake pattern mimics.
Garden Azaleas in bloom, 2015

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