Sunday, May 31, 2015

Lighter Touches in the Sunroom

I was ready to put a lighter touch on the appearance of the sunroom for late spring and early summer. After all, Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, right?
Sunroom, late spring 2015
Until last year when I used the Indian summer look in the sunroom, I had never used an area rug in the space, but I love having one in there now. I bought the outdoor rug pictured above to use outdoors last year (what a novel idea!), but never did. The sunroom is close enough, I figured.

Once fall rolled around after the Indian summer sunroom, there was that whole rug compromise thing. The holidays came and went, and the look below is what I settled into and got comfortable with in winter. I think the sunlight in winter is the best and most natural-looking in the sunroom - it streams in from the south and west from a low-lying southerly direction. In other seasons, there's a crazy amount of light from all angles (the ceiling is all windows), so most photos appear either dark or eerily aglow.
Sunroom, late winter 2015
After the rains of April were over and May flowers began blooming, it just seemed that the rug and leopard print in the sunroom, along with the furry throw, were just too heavy. So I packed them up.
You may have noticed the Parsons chair was replaced with a Captain's chair. The adorable gardening pillow (above) came from Judy's Etsy shop, 20 North Ora. Notice the little ladybug at the base of the can?  I also purchased the little pillow in the photo below from Judy, trimmed in vintage laces and doilies. I love the tatted lace on the right corner, and the doily folds over as a pocket.
Other pillows in the sunroom add a bit more color, like the lumbar pillow on the glider loveseat below, which you may have seen in a previous post.
The colorful bird pillow on the chair below has shown up in a prior post too, but there's a blast of acid yellow in a pair of toss pillows also in the sunroom now, adding a bit of funky, razzle-dazzle to the mix.
Another blast of color I added - a battery-operated string of leaf lights from the Dollar Tree - are intertwined among my birch logs in the olive bucket. I like how they glow in the evening as the sun comes in the window just behind them, from the west. They make me smile, but don't seem to affect the mad bluebird suncatcher which hangs above them. :)
I'll eventually rotate some of my smalls in the sunroom, but lately I've been spending my time either at the antique mall, restyling our spaces, or in the garden, taking care of spring maintenance, so the textiles are enough to keep me happy. And I don't mind looking at what's in there still, even into early summer. ;)
Do you change little things (textiles and display smalls) to work with your existing decor when you want a different look, or do you change your existing decor underpinnings (walls, floors, furniture - color or material) to work with your vision? Are you going with color to lighten or brighten things up, or are you staying with neutrals?

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