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Panoply Booth Overhauls May 2015

Always and forever wanting to change things up in our antique mall booth spaces, sister M and I go in each week, tweaking displays. Normally, we have a focus on a specific area and/or theme. Sometimes, however, things feel stale (to us), and slow sales in a particular space can be the impetus for a big change. Such was the case with what we call our main booth space.

Fasten your seat belts, as we go on the roller coaster ride of the most recent Panoply booth overhauls, completed May 19th, 2015. Pictured below is the area that was the impetus for our big change, the area we call our main booth space, now with its new look. Formerly formal in appearance, it is now our [mostly] farmhouse section.
Panoply Main Booth - May 2015
Panoply Main Booth, (Back) - May 2015
Keep in mind, most items you see in this post were already situated in the store, just needing a complete reboot. Some very large furniture previously in the main booth area, not to mention the entire pegboard wall, was totally displaced and rearranged to two areas: here (below).....
Panoply 'Ponytail' Space - May 2015
....and here (below).
Panoply Formal Space - May 2015
The two spaces above are split by an aisle and 'Employees Only' storage area. This is the view as you enter the store and approach those spaces from the left aisle of the store (below) - cohesive when viewed together, yet distinct when viewed separately:
Panoply Overview, 'Ponytail' & Formal Spaces - May 2015
We then continued our focus on the remainder of what we refer to as our central space. The shelf unit made of shutters and boards was placed as the divider just beyond the formal space seen in the photo above.
Panoply Shelf Divider - May 2015
Here's the new look at the space remaining beyond the shelf unit divider, which extends our central space to the right main aisle of the store.
From the stairs leading to second floor, the photo below shows the overview of Panoply's central space in its latest reincarnation.
Okay, so here are the gratuitous before and after shots of all the areas we overhauled:
Panoply Before & After, Main Booth - May 2015
Panoply Before & After, Newest 'Ponytail' Space - May 2015
Panoply Before & After, Central Space (L) - May 2015
Panoply Before & After, Central Space (R) - May 2015
This entire overhaul took about 6 hours. The first 2 hours were spent at home, with my mapping out (in bullet-point, written notes), "if we move this piece from here to here, then that piece can go there, etc. etc.", until all the big pieces were in logical displays in my mind. The physical move took 4 hours. It normally takes us 6-7 hours for a big move not quite as large as this one, wherein we typically leave one space untouched. So, the time spent mapping made the actual moves more efficient, and certainly lessened the overall fatigue and frustration of a normal move day, trying out various scenarios.
New items brought into the farmhouse with this move include most of the ironstone pictured above, all centrally located in the black stepback cabinet for a more contrasting and highly visible display.

Next on our agenda is adding a few more mantiques as ideas for Father's Day gifts, as well as more summer-themed items. It's no wonder why I spend less time making changes in my own home's vignettes with various seasonal themes, right?? I'm too busy trying to make things attractive for sale in our antique mall booth spaces!

What projects are you busy with lately? 

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