Sunday, May 10, 2015

Early May Switch-Ups in Panoply Booths

It's that time again........time to switch things up in our booth spaces. Here are a few photos of how things currently look at the start of May since our last, bigger changes.
Vintage Americana / Militaria 'encampment' vignette
We like preparing a vintage Americana vignette once May begins, as there is an Armed Forces Day parade along our storefront street in mid-May, along with Memorial Day at month-end, of course. We set an Americana/Militaria theme in the center of our largest space (above). It seemed to feel like a sort of field office encampment once we completed it. This replaces our previous Derby-themed vignette.

Just to the right of the center table are additional Militaria items, including a field cot (folded, straddling the chairs), uniform, and original WWII photograph (photo below).
Additional vintage WWII Militaria
Just two weeks before this was set, we brought in the long farm table, and this is how the center space appeared (below). We squeezed the Derby items off to the right of the farm table at that time. Now the chairs from the table sit where the Derby items were last seen, and Derby is relegated to a less visible status.
Overall space with farm table center (Derby to right)
We then focused on our farmhouse vignette (our newest space addition), shifting a few items for a different look. We hung stools and chairs, along with a vintage car seat spring, and moved the quilt cart back, placing the gateleg table closer to the aisle. We focused on red textiles to tie in with the Americana/Militaria theme.
Farmhouse switch-up: hanging chairs, car seat spring
Farmhouse addition: gateleg table for added surface space
Hanging chairs is a nice way to clear floor space and fill a wall simultaneously. Our ceilings are very high in the antique mall, so we often use this tactic to our advantage.
Hardware corner: hanging plank chair
Trying to stir some creativity with our hardware and tools, we fashioned a few pieces to spell "flower" (see below). The hanging sign above the wicker cart on which the hardware sits also has a sign spelling "Heehaw", made from hardware and tools (see photo above).
"Flower" made from tools and hardware
While spring was slow to start in our region, we're enjoying its stay, so the gardening themed items and vignettes will remain a good while longer in our spaces (if they don't sell first).
Vintage garden items
As this post is published, Panoply will have just completed purging some items in a community yard sale. We'll now begin planning one or two summer vignettes in the booth spaces. If shopping opportunities don't readily present themselves, you can be sure the Panoply sisters will plan one. I can feel it coming. :)

Want to see more of our Panoply booth spaces? Just type the keywords "booth space" in the search block above my profile picture on the sidebar and more posts should come up for your viewing. As always, thanks for your visit!
Rita C. at Panoply
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