Wednesday, September 20, 2017

All for Fall!

Fall officially begins Friday, September 22, 2017. With that, I'm all for Fall!
I love seasonal decor changes, but typically use just a light touch (Christmastime being my exception). Front porch decor is an easy transition for me. Our farmers' market is open year round, and pumpkins started showing up the last week of August. I got a good selection of those (and mums) the first week of September. Other than those items, everything else was on hand.

I had already eased into warmer neutrals in the sunroom with browns, yellows and creams in pillow covers, along with sunflowers and cotton bolls in mid-August. These will stay until November or so.
Outdoors, I'm still harvesting lavender and maintaining plants, but I'm dividing my attention a bit toward indoor plant health, too. I divided and replanted my succulents neglected through prior months.
Changing up the stepback hutch in the sunroom is fun, but putting things away from summer season? Not so much fun. A few transitional items remain from summer decor, but the rest are now stored. The neutral and fall seasonal items are out for everyday use: ivory dishes, bronze flatware, harvest and hunt plates & pitcher.
The dining room is a bit more formal and dramatic, especially on a cloudy, rainy day. It sort of has an appearance of a library in there with the woods, leather and darker paint.
A little whimsy is found in the garden with a scarecrow couple, seated at the far end of the landscape, barely noticeable from the curb. I divided sage and transplanted gaura plants, as well as a few black-eyed Susans into a bare section between my Autumn Joy sedum bunches. While readying the hose for watering one day recently, I noticed my spare nozzles were full of strands of grasses....unused materials stockpiled by the birds of summer. {smile}
It's just the start of fall, but the mood is definitely turning toward cozy. For some, it can be a melancholy season, but I found a phrase - "good words" I call them - which I like very much, and has a more positive tone for the autumn months. I added it to one of my favorite seasonal photos (below) just a reminder.
Happy Fall, Y'all!
(A very special thank you to Kathryn of The Dedicated House's Make It Pretty Monday #228 for featuring this post!)
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