Saturday, September 30, 2017

Booth Transitions Early Fall 2017

Since we last visited Panoply booth spaces in the antique mall, there seems to have been a good amount of activity. After our annual sale In August, we weren't sure if traffic would remain steady, but it appeared that Labor Day travel and thoughts of fall proved it to be true.

The main thing we focused on after the sale was getting better displays in our corner space near the stairs. Several things had sold there, and it looked bare (to us). No problem, we fixed that with another piece of furniture. I broke my own promise of not buying anymore furniture when I found this cute farm cabinet, already refurbished to the extent it is (below).
Panoply farm cabinet addition, late August 2017
Bringing the new cabinet in meant rearranging other pieces. We knew we wanted to rotate pieces after the sale anyway, specifically to lift and cozy up the swing for greater visibility. It was last seen on the floor after the sale (photo below from mid-August).
Panoply booth from stairwell, mid-August 2017
It's like a push-pull puzzle when we work our booth spaces, but below is what it looked like immediately after the new cabinet was in, and the swing lifted, late August. The base of the swing was previously the base of the hutch (shown at far left in above photo). The hutch is now the base of the garden shelving unit (far left in photo below).
Panoply booth from stairwell, late August 2017
But then the hutch base sold, and so did the stepstool, enamel bucket and quilt, and a chair that's hidden under that pole lamp in the above photo. Meanwhile, one of two barrel end tables sold from the other, main booth. Time to get the push-pull puzzle out again.
Panoply main booth additions, September 2017
In the main booth, we brought in two chairs that were fitting (meaning suitable) for that booth's decor. Fitting as in space? No problem, we just squeeze it all in. The chairs now flank the arrangement seen in the left frame of the photo collage above. We've gotten to the place where we can talk through options before we ever get things in the mall, and pretty much know whether they'll fit. That coffee table was also brought in, as well as the oversized frame. Okay, maybe it doesn't fit space-wise.

Back to the other space.....while the garden shelving unit remained after the hutch sold, we decided to flip its location with a cart that was situated just on the other side of the tall shutter/shelving unit. Again, we like to change customer focus when they come in.
Panoply booth from stairwell, early September 2017
The photo collage below shows the industrial cart now on the booth edge where the garden shelving unit was, and the garden shelf will remain next to the casual vintage linens until we decide to sharpen the focus on something else.
Panoply booth from stairwell, after flips, mid-September 2017
A few other notable changes for September included selling and rotating chair stock. We also added a few back-to-school vintage items.
Panoply desk display mid-September 2017
Fall and Halloween flourishes showed up also, but not overwhelmingly so. I mentioned in my last post we worked on vintage jewelry for quick sale, and it ended up looking like Halloween candy in baskets in our booths. :)
Panoply signs of fall, Halloween  - September 2017 
Other than the two pieces shown above, I sold all of my jadeite I had in the shop as one lot in September. More quilts sold, so cozy is definitely on the minds of shoppers.

To finish off the month TODAY (the 30th), the Panoply sisters are participating is a community yard sale. Consistent with these prior sales hosted by our radio station (there's been a year-long hiatus), we will try to sell things we are tired of looking at, both in the booth spaces and in our homes. We usually draw a pretty good crowd because we have a mix of both vintage and everyday household items. We're hoping sister M's husband will come by and park his vintage 1946 truck at the yard sale (he just recently had restored) to make sure we're not overlooked. What d'ya think? Isn't she purty??
Restored 1946 Chevrolet Pickup Truck
Whether you're a casual reader, a vintage lover - shopper or seller - I hope you take away some inspiration with my sharing our booth space displays. As always, your visits and comments are welcome and appreciated.

Rita C. at Panoply

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