Monday, November 17, 2014

Okay, I'll Just Buy Some Shoes - AND a Rug!

Just a quick update to my post on late fall decor changes a couple weeks ago, It's a Jungle Out There (in the Sunroom)!  Within 24 hours of putting the new rug and other accents in the sunroom, words were spoken between Mr. P. and me. I chose to take the high road, and single-handedly rolled that sucker up and re-packaged it, and left the house to return ship it via UPS. I was am not happy.

If I can't have the rug I want....
I'll just buy some shoes. 
So I can walk (or run) away from the drama. Or go style my spaces at the antique mall, where no one but my sister and I get a vote on what stays or what goes.

I'll take a new pair of boots, too, while I'm at it. I might need to kick something.
On second thought, I'll take two pairs of boots.  I have a feeling I'm gonna need them.
Oh yea, I'm still getting a rug, too.  I'm on a mission now.

Thank you to those who weighed in. You simply validated my choice. The only thing I regret is sending that rug back so hastily. When I purchased it, I wholeheartedly anticipated using it in my office (my space) after the holidays. In the heat of that moment when words were spoken and I caved, I guess I cut off my nose to spite my face with my quick return action.  
I've spent hours looking for another rug, both online and in stores, to find one that hits a nerve - in a good way.  Reds are either too orange, or too burgundy. Most of the blacks are too traditional. Neutrals are....well, neutral (I like a little more commotion). Way too many rugs look too trendy, and what everybody else is doing. I may just have to buy that rug back. Seriously. Stay tuned....


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