Thursday, November 13, 2014

Panoply Big Booth Moves - Again!

Okay, so the local Panoply team (sister M & I) had our booths set for Holiday 2014 last week at the antique mall. We had yet another big move in our spaces this week, bringing the total to three in a span of the last four weeks. We're possibly proving the theory that big moves can prompt big sales, and big sales prompt big moves.

We've added a few new (old) pieces in the styling mix this week. Speaking of mix, the dresser below is my sister M's latest project, and is the first of the items brought in that I'm sharing. This piece of furniture came to my sister through her husband's family, and was originally painted a pale yellow, faded and dulled with age (sorry, no before shots of the piece or its original hardware).
Mirror/dresser in MMS Ironstone, French Enamel
After first lightly sanding, M applied one coat of Miss Mustard Seed's milk paint in Ironstone. Although she liked the color, she still felt the piece was without much more character than its original state. She then applied MMS French Enamel as a second coat and sealed it with MMS Antiquing Wax (applied with a cloth). The new drawer pulls are from Anthropologie, a ceramic white with antiqued metal base. The escutcheons are original to the piece.
Dresser detail
The true color of this dresser is really somewhere between the two photos immediately above. We have fluorescent lighting in our mall that I constantly try to dodge, and our ambient lights, while pretty in our space, don't do photos justice. Pair all the light with adjacent black anything and you have yourself an ameteur photographer's nightmare. I try to take photos with and without lights on, but this day was a long, tiring one, and I was also dodging potential customers. The piece did turn out really well, though, and we love the new look in our space.
Main booth overview, styled with latest additions: dresser, floor lamp, art glass, side chair
Next to the dresser is a really great slag glass floor lamp, made of vaseline and jadeite colored glass. It was acquired from an estate earlier in the year, was unsold at the barn sale in September, and now fits into this mix.

THIS. This (below) is a framed art glass piece I acquired from auction several years ago, and it is resting on metal pegs, in front of the vintage mirror already on the pegboard wall.
Main booth wall: Framed art glass, positioned in front of wall mirror
The design in this art glass is a ming tree in blues and greens. Just inside the wooden frame of the design is another border frame of beveled, clear glass.
Framed art glass, closeup
Again, with the blues and greens of the furniture and floor lamp, this space is working.

We sold the primitive, marble top washstand that was recently in the area pictured above (it was with four Shaker ladderback chairs). In addition to the washstand, one upholstered chair sold, and the floor lamp behind it, during the first week of November. If you recall from prior posts (recap photos follow at end of post), we had two blue upholstered chairs which we moved to the primitive side, in front of our shutter shelving unit.

The replacement chair for the one, blue upholstered chair that sold last week, is in this sturdy straight back chair with a needle-point seat (below).
Side chair addition
This chair serves very well, just ask my brother-in-law, who had a hip replacement a year ago. He needed a chair with arms that he could get up from and sit down in on his own while recovering, and this one did the job. It is so sturdy - definitely suitable for a man.

The Shaker ladderback chairs went back to the primitive side of our space, just in front of our shutter shelving unit.

Once again, here are the Before and After shots of how our spaces morphed in the last week:
Main booth space: (Before) - primitive washstand, Shaker ladderback chairs; (After) - Mirror/dresser, floor lamp, side chair
Primitive Booth Space: (Before) - Upholstered chairs; (After) - Shaker ladderback chairs
Main Booth: (Before) - Corner cubby with 'Mantiques' case resting on top; (After) - Mirror.Dresser
Many of our dealers have an advantage in sales at our antique mall, simply because they work one or more days a week as clerks in the mall. We do not work in the store, other than styling and fluffing our booths once a week. We've had a great start to November, pushing us to our latest changes in our spaces for the third time in a month. We're enjoying the ride, and are ready for the next wave.

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