Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Rug Compromise

If you're just tuning in to the sunroom rug drama, you can find the last installment here. This is the my compromise, the last chapter in the drama. For now, anyway.
I know, it looks nothing like the rug I initially chose, but it's a versatile rug and I like it well enough that I would also use it elsewhere in the house. After hours of shopping rugs online and in stores, this is the one Mr. P. and I could both agree on. It was what felt like an overwhelming amount of leopard in the previous choice that Mr. P. couldn't handle. Once he said he liked this rug (it was more like "I like the tile, but I know you like a rug"), I unrolled it completely and slid it under the chaise. Then, when he left the room, I moved a couple things around.
The leopard slipcovered Parsons chair was moved more central to the seating arrangement (it was across the room before). The leopard throw was brought back and placed on the chaise. That's better, at least for me it is.

A leopard lumbar pillow that matches the chair slipcover is on backorder. It will likely come after I've started moving more holiday reds into, and autumn browns out of, the mix. Like a recipe, I'll know the right mix when I have it.

Many times a compromise will carry you a lot further in life. No one has to admit being right or wrong. Cold wars aren't good for much of anything, whether big or small. Sometimes, time passing is all you need. After the holidays may be long enough before I get that leopard rug for my office, we'll see. ;)
Do you compromise well in life?  Are there some things you simply cannot compromise?


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