Sunday, November 9, 2014

Panoply Booth Spaces - Holiday 2014

The last two weeks have been concerted efforts to get our antique mall spaces ready for Panoply's 2014 holidays.  I'll let the photos do most of the talking.  Caution! You're about to enter the Panoply holiday zone.
Vintage Christmas Corner
We are not huge fans of the typical kitsch of vintage Christmas, but we do like to take the opportunity to cluster some items in a display that lets our customers know we're in the spirit. You'd be surprised at the guys who look at the toys!  We had a 1960's Hot Wheels case with diecast cars that sold as soon as we put it out!
1950s game boards, Christmas tree vintage brooch art, 1938 ad print, Victorian skates
The Christmas tree altered art 3D print is made of vintage jewelry (photo above, top rt). I had this displayed two years and someone actually stole a huge, clear central brooch right off the frame!  I just repaired it with new (old) jewels this year, and hung it higher. I guess desperate people do desperate things.
1938 ad print:  "Christmas Morning - Comin' from de Store"
1913 Original Erector Set;  Vintage '40s, '50s, '60s toys; holiday sheet music
Our Salvation Army vintage kettle, bell interpretation, with architectural angel; green & red vintage glassware
We also added a few items to the shelving unit in our 'living room' corner, along with some textiles in the form of toss pillows and footstool.
Ice skates, textiles and other vintage holiday smalls added to the "living room"
Vintage textiles are a Panoply staple, and we try to group them to make it easy for those who are looking for the holiday selections.
Vintage holiday textiles
Last year we housed all our Shiny Brites in a galvanized wash tub; this year they rest in a coal hod. The wooden jug on the floor next to the "HILLBILLY" altered (WV) license plate sign was once used for moonshine.
"Hillbilly Holiday": Shiny Brites stored in coal hod; wooden bowl full of New Year's Eve noisemakers
Over in our original booth space (we often call it the main booth, but only because we rented it first), things are more subdued.  The holiday looks more like Thanksgiving, with natural tones and decor.
Holiday Kitchen Corner: subtle changes to the decor with textiles, wreaths
I'm sort of a turkey platter hoarder, and any time we're on the hunt and see one well-priced, I generally pick them up. I sold one at the barn sale in September, and have the one pictured below, a favorite of mine, in the store right now. I have a few more in storage that are variations of the 'Tom Turkey' (not the rare one) transferware version at the ready, should this one sell.
Turkey platter
Just a few weeks ago I posted on some flips we made in our booth spaces (Prim(itive) to Proper). It accomplished what we wanted - sales of some furniture - so we changed things up again in preparation for our holiday displays last week.  No sooner than we got home, we got the call that a couple more pieces had sold (nesting tables we had separated for surface display), so we took in a couple more tables (below).
We've had several Annalee characters sell in the store, and the one below is all that remains.
1963 Annalee Santa with Stocking; brass bugle candlesticks
Last year I purchased new window candles for my home, so I brought in two sets I was storing (electric, along with battery operated photosensor ones that were never used) to see if others could use them.
Wool throw, welcome lights and silver bells in case
Glassware seems to do well during the holiday season particularly. Below is a nice and heavy, fluted cake pedestal with dome.  Resting on the pedestal are five "Boopie" sherbet glasses.
'Boopie' sherbet glasses under vintage cake dome.
Sometimes when we do the booth space shuffles, it's hard to even remember how it looked just prior to any change. That's one of the many reasons I love photographing our spaces, and keeping the many online albums I have. Below are a few photos of "Now and Then" shots - capturing how the spaces look now, and what they looked like just prior to these latest changes. I did the same sort of recap in the Prim(itive) to Proper post link I referenced above.
Now and Then:  Christmas Corner was Previously the Old School Vignette
Now and Then:  the bench in old school vignette now sits where the garden table (now in the Christmas corner), and the four-square display with 'Mantiques' case resting on top were previously.
Now and Then: four-square display with 'Mantiques' resting on top is in the kitchen corner; the green primitive cabinet sold.
The collage below is a photo that will prompt us when we see a 'hole' upon returning to our spaces. These shots always help identify what sold.
Collage of holiday smalls throughout the booth spaces
So, Panoply is ready for the season. Now all I have to do is get back to my own personal holiday planning! I do love the Christmas holiday season, but I plan to stick with my tried-and-true menu plan, as well as my traditional red and green decor, with perhaps only a few changes, as time and enthusiasm allow.

How about you?  Do you stick with a tried-and-true approach to holiday decor, or do you like to have different wow factor elements each year?  Are you traditional in your color scheme?  Real or faux tree(s)?


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