Sunday, December 29, 2019

Panoply 2019: It's a Wrap!

Well, I've packed away all my Christmas decor, and now it's time to collage all my blog posts for 2019 as a final step before closing the book, so to speak. I'll have all my posts bound in a yearbook style format using Blog2Print (no affiliation, I just love the product and service).

I only blogged 24 posts (counting this one!) in 2019. That's a testament to my year of downsizing (and the fact that I was too busy to write about the action I was in the midst of). The theme of downsizing was definitely the center of my universe in 2019 and a recurring theme throughout the year. What you'll see below is a photo collage of each of my topics this past year, with individual post links below the photos if you're so inclined. I boldfaced one or more of my favorites in each category.
Home & Garden
Welcome! Our Urban DwellingJuly Garden MemoriesCozying Up the CondoChristmas Home Tour 2019: It's Christmastime in the City
Travel: Tales of the Traveling Tote
Tales of the Traveling Totes #18: Urban Renewal;  Tales of the Traveling Totes #19; Tales of the Traveling Tote: Fun in the SunTales of the Traveling Tote #20 and a GiveawayTales of the Traveling Tote #21: Fall in Utah's National Parks
Purple Passion Fire and Ice TablescapeSpring Blooms TablescapeEmbracing Summer: Pineapple Delight TablescapeA Patriotic Tablescape: Celebrating Freedom, Always!Tete-a-tete Summer Tablescape on the BalconyFeline Fondness for Fall TablescapeTutu Fun! Danse Macabre TablescapeForest Walk Thanksgiving TablescapeBlack Tartan Plaid Holiday Tablescape
Miscellaneous Musings and Organization
Downsizing: Tips on Purging, OrganizingTop Tips as We Gather TogetherMiscellaneous Musings No. 16
Panoply Antiquing
Panoply Booth Displays: Purging Household ItemsPanoply New, Vintage Finds
All of the categories of my topics are pulled from my main menu. If you click on each of those topics at the header of my blog, you'll see the list of the posts pulled for each of the categories. It's just another way of keeping things organized.

Reflecting on the major push of downsizing, purging and organizing, I am happier with fostering less material things which, looking back now with 20-20 vision, had me feeling a bit overwhelmed. My Panoply sisters and I are even purging in our antique booth spaces at this writing, and hope to have a fresh start in 2020. So, even though shopping will still be happening, it will be with more of a "just in time" versus "just buy it" mentality.

I so appreciate each and every one you, my readers, and love the friendships struck through blogging. I hope those of you who read but don't always comment will feel welcome to do so anytime. I always try to visit blogs if you have one, and try to respond by email to comments. It's rare that I can't figure out who the commenter is or that I don't have a contact to reach you, but if so (and you're no-reply commenter), I'll leave a response on the post. I'm really looking forward to hitting 2020 with optimism and enthusiasm. I hope you are, too.

Happy New Year!
Rita C. at Panoply
(A special thanks to Suzanne at Pieced Pastimes: Saturday Sparks Link Party #356 for featuring my annual wrap up post!)


  1. Rita, I remember all of these twenty four wonderful posts! You had a busy year downsizing and moving into your new home. I know you are loving it. Will you be blogging more in 2020, I sure hope so! I enjoyed your travels, tablescapes, antiquing, organizing, and being invited in to see your city condo! Happy New Year!.

  2. Our paths were so similar last year, downsizing and moving. I've loved each and every post, but one of my favorites was the Tips on Purging and Organizing. You made hard tedious work look like fun! It's all in the attitude! I'm in awe of your new home and lifestyle. so gorgeous how you've incorporated traditional with new modern surroundings. But the best is what a great friend you've become; thankyou for that! Have a blessed and amazing New Year!

  3. I am always looking for way to downsize and keep our lives organizes; with three boys that is not always an easy feat!

  4. Rita, I always enjoy your posts. And, have so enjoyed reading and seeing your big move to an easier life. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  5. Looking back at what you wrote is a wonderful way to end 2019. So many great memories and the big purge. So much work you did, you should feel a huge sense of pride and relief too. Less stuff, less cleaning, less maintenance!

    Happy New Year Rita!

  6. I always get happy when I see a Panoply post pop up in my feed! Thank you for such delightful posts this year -- and managing them with all going on in your life? I love how you put these together -- I know it has to take a lot of time. You've had quite a year with the purge, the move, the reorganization and all. Onward to an exciting 2020. I will look forward to following every adventure!

  7. You sweet friend has a fabulous 2019. With downsizing and moving into the city life with that beautiful condo. It is decorated so beautifully and the view if fabulous. May 2020 bring much more adventures with your traveling tote Luna C and lots of joy in each day.
    Big Hugs,

  8. Oh Rita, I love how you have organized your life this past year plus. I have been taking notes on how you did this, so O R G A N I Z E D! I am following your purging guidelines now as I put all Christmas decorations away. Pulling and donating everything I know I'll never use again. It must feel so good to have all this behind you and less to maintain. I've enjoyed all of your posts this year. Since we have so much in common in what we love your posts were always like gifts to be enjoyed. I love how you've organized this post! Now, I'll scroll back through to make sure I didn't miss a thing. Happy New Year dear friend.....

  9. You are my organizing idol Rita! So smart to make an annual yearbook of your posts, it is amazing to look back and see what we've accomplished! I have things semi under control, taking it slow this year, but you've inspired me! My goal for 2020 is to do some serious purging, cleaning and reorganizing...wait, I think that was my goal last year too...😂 I so wish you lived near me so you could help me and cheer me on!! Happy New Year my TTT friend!

  10. Happy New Year! I was in the hospital off and on from 10/26 to 11/30, and now I'm recuperating comfortably at home. I'm not back to creating anything, but I should be back to blogging when I do. Best wishes to you for a prosperous new year.

  11. Rita. I loved your year in review and always enjoy your posts. Wishing you and yours a very happy New Year filled with everything you hope for!

  12. Rita~~I don't remember when or how I met up with you....but I enjoy all your blogs and appreciate the time you put into them...I know it's a labor of love. I'm wishing you, your husband and family a healthy, wonderful New Year and many more blogs! Love from Michigan

  13. Rita, what a lovely way to share your years worth of posts. You had a lot on your plate with downsizing, packing up and more. Wishing you a bright New year with good health, happiness and peace. Love the plate quote. I do not buy those fancy coffees.

  14. Rita,
    You have incredible organizational skills. What a glorious year it has been for you and you did not skip one beat! It's been so neat to visit you and your amazing condo too. Even though I do not comment each time, I am peeking in. I am looking forward to seeing what you have planned for 2020 and I am wishing you an amazing and fabulous year!

  15. When you look back you truly have accomplished so much. May you have a very healthy and Happy New Year!

  16. You are an inspiration, Rita, in so many areas. Happy 2020 to you and your sweets-eating, Mr. P!

  17. You have had such a productive year both in "real life" and in blog land! Thank you so much for your friendship and all the inspiration you share!

    Just read your comment at TFT. I am finished with my graduate classes for a while since I started back teaching unexpectedly. The classes are just something I will be working on little bits at a time, no rush.

    Happy New Year Rita! May it be a fantastic one for you!

  18. I love seeing your yearly collages--it's such a fun way to look back, Rita. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!