Sunday, January 14, 2018

Before, After the Holidays

I guess I'm a bit of an enigma. As per google dictionary:
  1. a person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand.

You see, I love Christmas and all its decor detail - red, green, plaids, checks. However, I can't wait to get it all packed away within one month of having it out, and bring out the calm cream, white, and green decor.
Before and After Holidays: Dish displays in sunroom, kitchen bar area
After holidays: kitchen bar area
After holidays: sunroom hutch
I love the family frenzy of hosting as many as I did this year - 32 - but I love the peace and quiet that January promises (barring any major snowstorms and illness which, so far, so good).
Sunroom  before (with Christmas decor) and after holidays (winter calm)
Winter sunroom, looking north
Winter sunroom, looking south
Before and After Holidays: where I relax
Before & After holidays: details
I love the sleeping garden in winter, a time where I sit inside and devour magazines and books and binge-watch a program or two. Yet, I couldn't wait to get outside with the two mild weather days we enjoyed last week. I raked leaves leftover from the late fall we experienced. It felt good to be out in the garden. A huge bunny jumped and scampered off as soon as I opened the wooden gate to the garden. We're both ready for spring. 

Are you any less of an enigma this time of year?

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Monday, January 8, 2018

Too Late to Classify Vintage Finds

I found some more vintage finds in late November-December that I never got around to showing you. I was already in the throes of holiday decorating, and didn't get this stuff listed, stocked or stored until now. Predating Craigslist and Facebook yard sales, we used to have a weekly Ad Bulletin that published on Tuesdays, and if you placed your [free] ad on Monday, it went into the section called "too late to classify". That's what all this stuff is with regard to 2017 - too late to classify.
From estate sales:
Two Fire King "Tulips" mixing bowls

Brownfield Roseville transferware platter

Two Longchamps wine stems, Two hand-painted Napoleon bee chargers

Sugar skuttle, scoop in original box

Mikasa Poinsettia candy dish

Five porcelain dipped feathers in basket

1/4 oz. Joy Parfum, in original box

1950s Kiddie Santa

Miniature wooden bowling set

Cast iron replica of 1930 Coca Cola delivery truck 

1933 engraved women's tennis trophy/ashtray

Binolux 7 x 50 binoculars in case

1912-1959 48-star USA flag
From our trip to Wheeling, WV:
Car-Snac tartan car carrier (designed for over the seat)

Wood/leather hiking/skiing poles

Handmade airplane from crate
Columbia kitchen scale

Another sugar skuttle, scoop

Stained glass window
From an estate sale we passed (but stopped for), on a walk in the neighborhood, mid-December:
Hand-chased ceramic lamb
Wooden Asian cabinet dolls

Hand-carved leprechaun, brass owl trio, cowbell
Brass deer, glass trees (2 of 3, one not pictured)

So, that's my loot that was too late to classify. I don't think I left anything else behind. ;)
My flock has grown this past the point where they look cute and cozy as winter decor.
Stay warm, my friends!

(A special thanks to Linda at Coastal Charm Show and Share No.389 for featuring this post!) 

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